Lateglacial.org is an interactive, open-access online data repository and geographic research tool for the Late Glacial period of northern Europe. The database behind this website currently contains information on those localities that have yielded remains from the Late Glacial period, and is centred on Denmark. We endeavour, in due time, to also include data from other European countries.

The aim of this project is to provide researchers with a custom mapping tool, where the criteria for inclusion/exclusion of particular localities are chosen explicitly. The search function of this website allows you to specify exactly which sites you want to map, all depending on the parameters of your choice. You can visualise the chosen localities on a GoogleMaps interface and download the data for use in various geographic analysis tools. You can see a list of all available parameters HERE.


Lateglacial.org is in part user-driven. Please submit information on new sites as they become available.


Lateglacial.org is funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities (project number: 11-106336).

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